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Southlake has two wards (congregations) that meet at different buildings. If you your home is within the Southlake Carroll ISD boundaries (including parts of Grapevine), you will be in one of the two wards. Where you should attend depends on where you live.

Click on the part of the map below that corresponds to where you live for information about which building your ward meets in, meeting hours, and ward leadership.

Which Southlake Ward Should You Attend?

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My House Is Outside of Southlake Carroll IDS Boundaries

Ward Boundary FAQs

Why Are There Two Wards? Mormons meet in small congregations (called wards) to allow all members an opportunity to serve and minister to one another. We have no professional clergy, so local members volunteer to fill callings to serve in various positions (teaching, speaking, leadership, etc.). Southlake only had one ward for over 20 years, but because of the growth of our membership, it was split into two wards in November, 2016.

Why Isn’t There A Church Building In Southlake Proper? Because multiple wards attend church in one building, our meetinghouses aren’t always in the same city as the ward. Our Colleyville building has four wards—from Southlake, Colleyville, and Keller—that meet in it. The Southlake 1st ward shares a building in Grapevine with the Grapevine ward. Don’t worry, your assigned ward (and building) will only be a 5 to 15 minute drive from your house.

Do I HAVE To Attend The Ward That My Home/Address Is Assigned To? Yes. Since members are needed to serve in the ward, it is important for consistency and stability that everyone participate in their designated ward. You will quickly become a part of your “ward family” where you will make lifelong friends as you serve and worship together.

What If I Live Outside Of Both Ward Boundaries? Click here to find the ward that you belong to.

Why Are The Meeting Times Different For The Two Wards? Because of our practice of meeting in small congregations, multiple wards will share the same building, and therefore must schedule their meetings accordingly. Currently, there are four wards meeting in our Colleyville building (Southlake 2nd ward, plus the Colleyville ward and two Keller wards) and two wards meeting in the Grapevine Building (Southlake 1st Ward and Grapevine Ward). Each year the wards in a building will rotate meeting times so that each ward will have an opportunity to meet in mornings and afternoons.

What If The Meeting Times For My Ward Are Inconvenient For Me? Please make every effort to attend the ward that you live in.

Still Have Questions? Please contact us with any additional questions by using the chat function on this page, or by calling the phone number listed on this website.