Who Are The Mormons?
First And Foremost, We Are Disciples of Jesus Christ.

We’re Big On Families. We Love To Serve Each Other.
And We Worship Jesus Christ.

Visit One Of Our Southlake Congregations—We Welcome All Visitors!

Mormons are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are over 15 million of us worldwide, but instead of meeting in huge mega-churches, we meet in local congregations called wards and branches (over 30,000 in the world!). Southlake has two wards consisting of a few hundred of your neighbors who live within the Southlake Carroll school boundaries.

We Have A Volunteer Ministry And Reverent Atmosphere

When you visit us, you’ll notice a few things that are different than many churches. We believe that Christ has instructed us to teach and edify each other… which is why we have a 100% volunteer, unpaid ministry. On any given Sunday, you will hear short talks from our teenagers, as well as inspirational messages or testimonies from regular ward members who have volunteered to participate. Our wards are small enough that everyone can get to know each other, and everyone has a role in ministering to everyone else.

You’ll also notice that we have more of a traditional type of church service. We encourage (but don’t require) attendees to wear their “Sunday best” as a sign of respect toward God. We don’t have rock bands, drum kits, and motivational speakers. Instead, you’ll find traditional hymns, a reverent atmosphere, and heartfelt sharing of faith and testimony by ward members.

We Believe Our Church Is Led By Christ Through Modern Prophets

Mormons believe the Bible is the word of God and that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. We believe that our church is the same church that Jesus established while he was on the earth… and that it was restored in these, the latter-days, through modern-day prophets and apostles. The name “Mormons” is a nickname because of our belief in the Book of Mormon, an ancient scripture recorded by prophets in the Americas during the same time the Bible was being written in the old world.

If you are a Christian, you will find many of our beliefs and teachings to be in 100% lock-step with your own. You may find a few of our beliefs to be new and different—and we invite you to learn, ponder, and pray about God’s revealed word. If you are not a Christian, you will find God’s word and will for mankind within our church and its doctrine. Either way, we welcome you to visit one of our Southlake wards and experience it for yourself!

Please explore our website to get to know us… then feel free to reach out to us by chat, phone, email, or in person. We look forward to meeting you!